Train Others in the Industry You Love

Become a cosmetology instructor in Odessa, TX

Cosmetology is a great career path, but if you're ready to take the next step, you may want to become a licensed instructor. Amenti Beauty Academy is training the next generation of cosmetology instructors in Odessa, TX. Our course for licensed cosmetologists lasts for 16 weeks, providing 500 hours of instruction time. After completion you'll be able to pass the exam to become a licensed cosmetology instructor and teach all related fields.

During our course, you'll actively participate in the daily instruction of students and learn valuable teaching methods, class room organization skills and how to create lesson plans. Our focus is on theory but we'll also advise you in scheduling, clinic instruction and more. Speak with an instructor now to learn more about teaching cosmetology.

Everything you need to succeed

If teaching cosmetology is your dream, you're in the right place. To be a cosmetology instructor in Odessa, TX, you need:

The proper state instructor licensing
Cosmetology licensing from any state
At least one year experience
500 hours of instructor training

As a licensed instructor, you'll be able to work as an instructor, platform artist and even director of education. Sign up for a course today.